Is Wishpond Group Offer App a Groupon Killer?

Social media marketing platform 

The app essentially provides group-buying functionality without the middleman. Existing customers are encouraged to invite their friends to purchase in order to reach the specificed number of participants necessary to unlock the offer/deal. 

The Wishpond group-buying app has several important features. Users can purchase with their PayPal credentials on the website or in-store, coupon codes are available (almost necessary to cut down on fraud), built in share buttons to extend offer reach, and Facebook integration (users can even set up a "Like-gate" to grow their fans on Facebook). 

Wishpond's Social Marketing Suite also features several other marketing apps including contest apps for running sweepstakes, Pinterest contests and a whole lot more worth exploring. The product seems to be priced reasonably - the basic offering is $19/mo. And a more design-friendly (CSS customization) and socially-progressive (the Like Gating) version is $45/mo. Agencies looking to white label (no Wishpond branding) the Wishpond app will spend $96/mo.

What most enterprises (retailers, restaurantuers) quickly found about daily deal promotions through services like Groupon was that one of the big advantages of using Groupon was the exposure to a new audience - which is eliminated when you go it alone with an app like that of Wishpond. While the app isn't right for digital enterprise that are just getting started, those with an large and active audience could stand to benefit greatly.