Jumptap Expands Targeted Mobile Ad Toolbox

Audience data is a critical element in targeting advertisements across the mobile landscape. 

Jumptap, Inc., a leader in targeted mobile advertising, and BlueKai's, an enterprise data activation system for intelligent marketing, had this in mind when announcing its new partnership. The idea behind the announcement is to help advertisers deliver highly targeted mobile ads by leveraging a broad set of mobile, online and offline data segments. 

Segments include consumer purchase intent, past purchases, geographic and demographic data, interests, lifestyle, and automotive, among others. The partnership allows advertisers on the Jumptap network to leverage BlueKai's online data segments and algorithms specifically within the mobile realm.

"Through this partnership, we're expanding our tool box significantly to enable advertisers to go beyond network-specific data to promote better ad relevancy and ROI," said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer and General Manager, Jumptap. "BlueKai is well-known in the online realm for its data prowess, and we're honored to be its first partner as the company enters the mobile space."

According to the announcement, to leverage BlueKai data for mobile targeting, BlueKai drops pixels across its publisher network, which is then matched with targeting segments and an IP address. When Jumptap recognizes repeat users on its network, it matches the segments sent by BlueKai and delivers a relevant ad. 

In addition to accessing BlueKai's Mobile Privacy Guard (MPG), a new technology aimed to ensure user anonymity on their mobile devices, Jumptap works with privacy advisor Evidon to implement the AdChoice privacy icon logo in all behaviorally-targeted mobile ads. Clicking on the in-ad notice brings consumers to Jumptap's privacy policy page where they can view more information about targeting and update their privacy settings or opt-out. (To check out the updated mobile advertising guidelines, click here.)

"Our partnership with Jumptap signifies BlueKai's dedication to helping marketers take a data-driven approach to identifying and reaching prospects across any screen," said Cory Treffiletti, SVP of Marketing at BlueKai.  "Mobile is an untapped channel, and with data, audience targeting opportunities can be unleashed in a really big way."