Keynote Awards Gold Medal Mobile Retail Sites

Just as the 2012 Summer Olympics were getting underway in London, Keynote Systems announced its own event, the International Summer Games for Mobile Retailers.

For three weeks, the mobile communications and Internet performance measurement company will name weekly Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners determined by the "Keynote Mobile Retail Index - World Edition," which assesses the download speed and reliability of leading mobile retail sites by measuring them on smartphone devices from a variety of countries.

Index scores are based on a combination of a site's average speed and reliability, and are measured all day, everyday over the course of a week (from Tuesday to Tuesday). The Mobile Retail Index will show average response times, success rates, and a composite score for homepage downloads on selected retailer sites.

Yesterday, Keynote announced the big winners for the first week of "competition." The popular French brand Chanel took the Gold, largely because of its simple, sleek site that gave it the highest combined score for Load Time and Success Rate, as well as the site's ability to maintain 100 percent availability.

German companies secured the next three spots, with the country's Amazon site taking the Silver and ALDI capturing the Bronze. Despite having the fastest measured Load Time for the second consecutive week, Germany's OTTO just missed out on the Bronze spot, but did make the jump up to fourth place by improving its availability numbers from 98.5 percent to 99.09 percent. Rounding out the top five was Amazon Japan, who secured 100 percent availability for the second week in a row.

Click here to see the whole list of winners for the first week of performance, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled to see who takes the Gold next week!