Mobile App Optimization for Android

Mobile experience management platform Artisan has released new features including Android support, advanced targeting for A/B testing, and confidence scoring. 

Artisan customers using its Optimize platform can now test and modify their Android native apps in addition to their iOS apps, making real-time changes to the design and user experience, distributing A/B tests to different groups of users within their app's existing user base, and collecting real-time data for each experiment.  

Thanks to new advanced targeting capabilities, once customers create an experiment they can immediately target the experiment to specific user segments within the app based on user location, gender, and age (see image below).  Real-time analytics from the experiments - such as number of users and sessions, distribution percentage, conversion percentage, and conversion comparison - educate developers and marketers on what designs and experiences resonate best with specific audiences.  

What's more, the results of A/B tests now include confidence scoring.  Customers not only know that variation "B" performed better than variation "A," but they also know with a certain percentage confidence that this result is statistically significant - letting them rest assured that the designs they are deploying to users are based on reliable data. 

"We're thrilled to bring these new features to market," said Bob Moul, CEO, Artisan.  "We've grown our team significantly to accelerate the development of our MEM platform, and I couldn't be more pleased with the robust enhancements we've made since our general release of Artisan Optimize just a few months ago.  With these latest capabilities, brands can easily manage their iOS and Android apps from just one platform and continuously enhance their apps to provide exceptional mobile experiences that drive measurable results."