Mobile App Insider - February '14

Website Magazine features several mobile applications (for both iOS and Android) in each issue. Below find those that were included in the February 2014 edition. Know of a mobile application that you think our readers would benefit from knowing about? Get in touch and let us know! Shopify

To kick off 2014, Shopify overhauled its mobile app to include new features to help merchants increase sales. The most exciting part of the update is that merchants can now accept cash and credit card payments from within the app, a feature particularly helpful for merchants who change venues frequently, like those selling at farmers' markets, trade shows or pop-up stores. The app also offers a few other interesting store management features, including the ability to send shipping notifications as well as manage inventory remotely.

Toggl Timer

Start 2014 with a focus on better time management by downloading the Toggl Timer app. Users, who must sign up for a Toggle account before use, will be able to track time spent on tasks with one click. All tracked data in the mobile app is available on the Web, where users can also view reports and export timesheets.

Google Places for Business

Google launched a new "Places for Business" app back in Oct. 2013 for Android devices, which enables business owners to keep their listings up-to-date while on the go. Users can update information including hours of operation, contact numbers, as well as photos and descriptions. Plus, the app allows users to respond to comments, and +1 posts, as well as view critical business insights like how customers find and interact with their businesses.


Work on projects from your smartphone or tablet with the Quip app for iOS. The app combines documents and messaging into a single chat-like thread of updates, enabling users to share folders with colleagues or clients. The app can be used to edit offline, create checklists, see who is online and link to people with @mentions. Moreover, users receive notifications when a document is opened and can get read receipts, so they can see when edits have been viewed by recipients.