Mobile App Watch - January '13

Kaon 3D Product Showcase

Android -
Seeking a more cost effective way to showcase products on the go? Download the new 3D product application from Kaon Interactive. Designed for the Nexus 7, the free app enables B2B marketers to visually demonstrate multifaceted products to prospects directly from their tablet device. Prospects can interact with the details of these products thanks to this app's rotating, zooming and spinning functionality. It also helps companies eliminate the high costs connected with shipping products to meetings or trade shows.


iOS -
A new photo application has tumbled into the iOS app store. Photoset, developed and launched by Tumblr, enables users (even those without a Tumblr account) to create and share high-resolution photosets on their iPhone or iPad. Once a set of images is assembled, the photosets are then shared on, and can be emailed and posted on social networks, including Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

iOS -
If your business still hasn't committed to mobile, consider downloading the application for iOS devices. This free app enables users to quickly create mobile-optimized websites on their own domain. Users simply need to choose a template, select their settings and insert content, such as galleries, blogs and custom pages. The mobile sites can also be built to include click-to-call buttons and maps. Additionally, users can set up their websites as "" in order to redirect mobile visitors to their company's mobileoptimized version.


iOS -
Create a social website in 60 seconds with the help of Zapd and your iOS mobile device. This free app empowers users to build collaborative, image-focused websites (directly from their iPhone) that can include photos, text and links. Users can also invite people to their social website directly from their phone's address book or Facebook. While this app appears to seemingly be for events such as trips, weddings or sporting events, it also gives businesses another way to connect with its audience (through images of products, tradeshows, office life, etc.). Perhaps most importantly, each Zapd site is automatically reformatted for the device on which it is being viewed (e.g. mobile, tablet or desktop computer).

Adobe Connect

iOS -
Android -
Blackberry -

Collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere with the free Adobe Connect Mobile application. Users can host or attend meetings and training events from their smartphones. With Adobe Connect Mobile, colleagues can join multiuser video conferences, share content with attendees, and collaborate through whiteboards, live text chat, polls and more. Users who want to launch their own meetings must first sign up for an Adobe Connect account.


Android - Designers are constantly being inspired by their surroundings, and now they can track those inspirations with the help of Fontly. The free Android app enables users to capture, map, explore, save and share typography from destinations and users all over the world. Users simply need to take a picture of inspirational lettering and then title and tag the image with the appropriate categories.

Mockups for Android

Android -
Start creating UI design concepts from the palm of your hand with the Mockups for Android application. This app provides users with a vector-based sketch wireframing tool for building and experimenting with website prototypes and design concepts. The mockups can easily be printed out or shared with teams and can also be exported to bitmap or SVG with the Pro version of the app, which is available in the Google Play store for $4.99.

SEO Search Ranking

Do you have SEO on the mind? If the answer is yes, download the SEO Search Ranking application for iOS devices ($3.99). This app allows users to monitor the position of an unlimited number of keywords and websites, and supports Google's human verification CAPTCHA and country-specific search results. Furthermore, SEO Search Ranking continues to update keyword rankings even when the app is not active. However, it is important to note that this app currently only supports Google and information for the top-64 search results.