Mobile Conversion Rates Growing Steadily

Mobile devices represent the majority of consumers' online usage in 2015 according to Marin Software's annual Mobile Advertising Around the Globe report. More importantly, however, was that mobile conversion rates are growing in tandem. 

Analyzing year-over-year performance marketing trends, Marin found that mobile conversion rates across search, social, and display experienced annual growth rates of 32.9 percent, 51.2 percent and 34.7 percent, respectively. Marin suggested that while mobile devices have previously been used exclusively for product research or "upper-funnel" activities, mobile is expanding to other stages of the sales cycle. The reason? Better mobile attribution for one, as well as the increase in ad formats and publishers making those formats available. 

"As mobile continues its upward trend as the go-to device for consumers, digital marketers are understanding the indispensable need for a comprehensive cross-channel advertising strategy," said John McNulty, Vice President of Global Marketing at Marin Software. "Our research data present a clear sign to any advertiser who may be on the fence about mobile investment -- now is the time to understand and act on the benefits of mobile's moment."