Mobile Coupons: Text2Store

As the last (at least as of this moment) large untapped advertising medium, mobile technology has the ability to deliver rich, effective messages to an immense audience. According to Yankee Group, there are over 192 Million people in the U.S with cell phones and 95.1 Million of those are considered active text messengers. Over 12.5 billion text messages were sent in the U.S during the month of June 2006, up 71% from 7.3 billion messages in June 2005 (Source E-marketer). Also according to Yankee Group 2006 report, 42% of mobile consumers are open to mobile advertising if it is relevant, if they asked for it or if they will get coupons or free services.

The problem is getting the right message in front of the right prospects at the right time. Text2Store seems to have (at least in part) solved the problem by offering merchants an opportunity to reach customers who request information through text messaging coupons. The system looks simple for end-users. Tell Text2Store what you want to buy, receive alerts on your mobile phone with store information and location and go shopping. It looks equally simple for merchants. Add a promotional item and qualified shoppers receive your promotion on their mobile phone. There is currently a free trial available (no credit card required) for merchants. Text2Store charges advertisers on a cost per text basis. Advertisers only pay for text messages and e-mail coupon/promotions that are sent. Every time your message (coupon, promotion, etc.) is delivered to shoppers, the CPT charge is deducted from the advertisers account balance.

"The consumer is in full control of our application. Users control when they get deals from businesses (day of the week or time) and how they receive a deal (text message or e-mail) ", said Dr. Ayeni, founder and CEO of Text2Store. "Our goal is simple, connecting local businesses to on-the-go consumers to receive special offers or coupons on whatever they are looking to purchase."

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