Mind-Blowing Mobile Ad Engagement Rates

Mobile ad formats have as much to do with engagement rates as the content itself, but knowing which one to choose - or integrating the right ones - can be time consuming. 


Today, mobile ad network InMobi announced two new mobile ad formats, App Galleries and Custom Ads, which helps address these pain points and blow engagement rates out of the virtual water. InMobi reports that these new ad formats increase click-through rates by up to 50 percent and app install conversion rates by up to 600 percent. At their core, these new ad formats enable developers to deliver personalized and relevant ads, which can result in improved user experience and better monetization. 


Let's look at InMobi App Galleries first. It helps developers and mobile Web publishers create and host a white-labeled application store experience of handpicked, curated and sponsored apps that best suit the publisher's audience. Basically, App Galleries allows publishers to have their own mini-app gallery that is custom built for their site or app. They can hand pick the apps they want in their gallery or tell InMobi which categories they want. InMobi App Gallery is seen to deliver 20 times higher monetization compared to regular ad units.



InMobi Custom Ads, on the other hand, allows app developers to customize ads based on the look, feel and content of their app. With no additional integration effort, developers can access a vast assortment of pre-made frames, animations and transparent layers that can be used to deliver a richer ad experience. Developers can select from InMobi's gallery of custom frames and animations pre-built from the most popular app categories, like custom animations:



"The ad innovation team at InMobi is tasked with solving the complex industry problem of delivering the best user experience along with high monetization," said Piyush Shah, Vice President of Products at InMobi. "Initial customer feedback on both Custom Ads and App Galleries has been highly encouraging since these new high-conversion ad formats are easy to integrate."


This announcement for two new ad formats comes on the heels of InMobi's recent released App Insight Report, which looks at trends for app developers based on the analysis of thousands of app promotion campaigns that ran on the InMobile network. Key insights from the report include: 


User engagement is highly dependent on the chosen ad-formats and the underlying OS platform:


  • Interstitial ads delivered the best conversions for app promotions with up to 25 percent higher click-through rates and 10 percent better conversions;

  • Average conversions of interstitials on the Android platform were almost double that of other ad formats;

Leveraging user insights and granular targeting based on app categories result in increased conversions and lower cost per install:


  • On iOS, the best conversions for social apps were seen on health and fitness sites (3.25 times that on gaming sites) while entertainment apps saw maximum conversions on communication sites (four times that on gaming sites); and,

  • The cost per download (CPD) for travel and financial services apps were the highest (more than 40 times the CPD for games), and sports apps the least (around 0.76 times the CPD for games).