Payment Processing on the iPhone

Payment processor Encore Payment Systems has introduced an iPhone application for merchants (mobile or otherwise).

Using the app, merchants can type the card information into the phone and the credit and devit card transactions are processed as "card-not-present" or "offline-debit" payments. Receipts are emailed to the cardholder but future enhancements will include the ability for merchants to print a receipt on the spot.

"At Encore Payment Systems our goal has always been to create a customized payment processing solution for the various needs of each business," said Vice President of Operations Robel Sebany. "With the growing technological advancements of these mobile devices we wanted to ensure our merchants had access to a payment processing option as portable as their business."

If you're an Encore Payment systems client, you'll need to contact the company's sales team who will help you set it up through a one-time install through a Web browser.

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