PhizzleBiz Provides Small Businesses Mobile Marketing Campaigns

One area of Web marketing that may seem out of reach for some small business owners is mobile advertising. Building a mobile-optimized website is one thing, but spending money and launching a whole ad campaign can be intimidating, especially if a business owner isn't the most tech-savvy.

This may not be the case any longer, however, thanks to mobile marketing solutions provider Phizzle. Starting with a beta launch today, the company will be offering PhizzleBiz to SMBs looking for a professional, affordable, easy-to-use mobile marketing platform.

PhizzleBiz will help SMBs influence the purchasing decisions of users by allowing them to conduct two-way interactions with mobile consumers.

Businesses can use PhizzleBiz to create, distribute, manage and track SMS campaigns in real-time. But it doesn't stop there; SMBs can also utilize the solution to develop and implement more advanced mobile campaigns that include text messaging, voting, promotions and contests, and all of these campaigns can be managed, customized and promoted through text messages, Web pages and social media channels.

Phizzle developed PhizzleBiz using the same technology featured in the company's larger mobile platform used by a variety of Fortune 500 companies and professional sports franchises. PhizzleBiz is simply a more streamlined version of the same program designed to appeal to the marketing and budgetary needs of smaller businesses.