POV: Impact of iPhone Fingerprint Scanner on Websites

Hassan Bawab
by Hassan Bawab 25 Sep, 2013

Apple has recently launched its newest version of the iPhone that includes a new, main feature - - its fingerprint scanner.  The fingerprint scanner allows users to bypass the need for a password when they want to unlock their phones or access the iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBook Store for purchases.

The new feature will differentiate Apple users from Samsung since Samsung doesn't have this feature yet.  Apple is moving along with innovating new features into their hardware with the launch of their iPhone 5S.  With iPhone 5S, getting into your phone is faster, easier and even revolutionary - - introducing Touch ID, a new fingerprint identity sensor. This is of course a convenient and highly secure way to access your iPhone. We are hoping to see Apple going toward that direction more and more to provide innovative features to their end users that will differentiate them from Samsung and other competitors. Apple has mentioned during their keynotes that users' fingerprints will be stored in a secure space within the phone themselves and will never be uploaded onto the company's servers.

Being a CEO for a Web development company and digital marketing agency, I am hoping Apple will be more flexible. I am expecting the fingerprints will be used more as a single sign-on similar to OpenID and perhaps allow developers to build apps that will permit users to make purchases using their own fingerprints. This feature doesn't exist now, but I can see that happening in the near future after Apple bypasses all the security legislations. 

Apple has also briefly introduced iBeacon as part of the iOS 7 at WWDC2013. iBeacon is a brand name created by Apple for a specific technology. That technology allows mobile apps to recognize when an iPhone is near a small wireless sensor called a beacon (or iBeacon, as well). The beacon can transmit data to an iPhone - and vice versa - using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). iBeacon is a feature in iOS 7, thus Apple's new iPhones will have iBeacon. iBeacon will be a great feature for in-store retailers. Users can walk into a store that has a beacon setup and when the user enters the beacon's zone, the beacon will transmit special promotions, coupons and will accept payments. I believe we will see this trend more often in the upcoming technologies and will be part of the new world of data integration.

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