Retailers. How to Get Mobile Now

Creating an optimized or responsive website for mobile is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and even more money to create one from scratch.


Luckily for companies that are looking to either get into the mobile game or improve their mobile presence there are websites and companies out there that specialize in bringing others' mobile capabilities to the next level.



One of the nicest things about using DudaMobile is that right away developers can see a free preview of what their website could look like when it is optimized. During the mobile preview, developers have many different options to choose from to customize how their mobile website would look and act. An important feature that should not be overlooked is that DudaMobile has a live chat feature where developers can have their questions answered in real-time. Also, DudaMobile lets developers preview how their website would look when on an actual phone with its iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry templates.



Mob ecommerce

Unlike DudaMobile, Mob ecommerce is dedicated 100 percent to creating optimized mobile applications for ecommerce retailers. This service allows developers and brands to connect their regular website to the mobile app and offers instant solutions for top ecommerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop and Joomla! VirtueMart. Once the app is created it will be available on both the iPhone app store and Android marketplace. With Mob ecommerce there is no monthly fee just a onetime charge that covers the purchase, setup and deployment of the app.




If companies are on the fence when they visit Landr's home page their minds will quickly be changed. The first thing that is displayed on the homepage is a statistic reading, "90 (percent) of smartphone users search for business on their mobile phone. Your customers are mobile. Are You?" Landr allows companies to create an interactive and responsive design with slider galleries as well as a Facebook widget and a click to call feature which helps customers easily contact your business. Unlike Mob eCommerce, Landr is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.




Taking the importance of social media into consideration, MobDis allows developers to integrate Twitter, YouTube and Facebook buttons into their mobile site. One of the most interesting elements that developers can add to their mobile site is called Wipe Clear. This element allows users to wipe away an image with their finger to reveal what's hidden beneath it. With the love the users have for "easter eggs" (hidden or surprise features) today (see bottom of article for example), Wipe Clear could help generate buzz for a developer's website. Additionally, its mobile site creator is very user friendly with my drag-and-drop features.