Personalized Mobile App Strategies in Focus

To satisfy the most mobile of consumers, it is important for brands to have a complete mobile strategy set in place. This not only includes a mobile-optimized site, but also a personalized app that streamlines the shopping experience for customers.

Often times, consumers are connected to brands through more than just one channel, meaning they may start browsing your newest collection on their desktops before finally making their purchases on either smartphones or tablets, or visa-versa. By ensuring that mobile sites and apps sync up, businesses can provide customers a personalized experience that not only has the potential to boost conversion rates, but also engagement and app downloads. Check out some examples of brands that have gotten personal with their apps below:


Personalization Tactic: Brick-and-Mortar Savings Companion App
It is not surprising that Target offers a fully functioning mobile site and app that sync customers' profiles across devices. And while this alone creates a personalized shopping experience for consumers across channels, the real talking point of Target's mobile strategy is the company's Cartwheel app. This app, which is accessible online as well as through Android and Apple devices, enables shoppers to save Target-exclusive offers, which can be redeemed in-stores via mobile devices or a printed "Cartwheel" barcode. Once the barcode is scanned the savings are applied, which work on top of other coupons, sales and discounts.


Personalization Tactic: Mobile Offers
The Sephora mobile app is the perfect companion shopping app, as it not only syncs accounts across traditional and mobile sites, but also with a user's loyalty card. Within the app, customers can access their loyalty points, browse through reward options, shop for products both in-stores and online, as well as get directions and contact information for brick-and-mortar stores. The best consumer feature for this app, however, is the ability to access mobile offers. This is not only a bright point for consumers, but also helps Sephora close sales on mobile devices.

Tiffany & Co

Personalization Tactic: Try-it-On Technology
The movie "Pretty Woman" has made some hesitant to walk into high-end retail shops without a deep pocketbook. Such is the case for Tiffany & Co, which is why the company's Engagement Ring Finder app is an innovative idea and a great shopping companion. Brides-to-be can leverage this app to browse through Tiffany's selection of engagement rings, save their favorites and share them with friends and family, as well as learn more about Tiffany diamonds, determine their ring sizes and even schedule appointments at nearby brick-and-mortar locations. Even though the app doesn't sync member profiles, it does personalize the user experience by allowing them to virtually try on rings with a photo of their hand. And, because the app includes the starting price of each ring, brides can identify what items are in their price range before walking into one of the prestigious brand's locations.