Sencha Moves Desktop Apps to Mobile & Tablets With Ease

HTML5 development framework Sencha recently announced an upgrade to Ext JS, its platform for building desktop and mobile applications. Released just this week, Ext JS 5 now enables developers to build and/or move desktop apps to mobile devices with little modification to the code base.


Developers' interest in building applications for the widest range of devices possible from a unified code base is rapidly increasing, and Sencha is positioned quite well to take advantage of that trend with Ext JS 5 thanks to several new features including touch support and responsive layouts, enhancements to the architectures (now with a Model View ViewModel (MVVM) and two-way data binding), as well as upgrades to its component library.


"IT departments and developers are challenged with giving users access to their business apps on all of the devices they use. This becomes harder with every new mobile platform and device launch with our own research confirming this, as half of our developers must support 5 or more different device/OS combinations, and it's only growing," said Jeff Hartley, Sencha vice president of Products and Services. "Ext JS 5 eliminates a lot of work from this exercise by providing one platform for bridging desktop apps to tablets and other touch devices like laptops, kiosks and large-format touch screens. This is a big breakthrough for our customers and the entire mobile app market."