So Many Devices, So Little Time

In the United States, a business must test on 134 devices to cover 80 percent of devices in use. Even when this is done, these companies cannot guaranty customers are getting the best experience to match their individual devices. Today's multi-device world can be a real burden for digital marketers.

To automate this process, Sitecore, a Web Content Management System (CMS), will embed the Netbiscuits Device Detection Library into its CMS. The Device library includes everything from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and wearable devices.

The way it works is Netbiscuits detects information on each visitor's specific context, such as bandwidth, location and referral source, and matches a brand's content to these attributes. By doing so, the user experience can be vastly improved, Web performance can be bettered and, in the case of Sitecore and its customers, more comprehensive experience and mobile analytics can be gathered to understand the different device users and their behaviours, which can inform content creation. 

"We're seeing a huge increase in businesses that want to improve the overall customer experience they offer by optimizing the web visitor's journey by device type and context," said Daniel Weisbeck, CEO, Netbiscuits. "With Device Detection, organizations can better understand how users behave and engage across multiple screens and deliver experiences that are optimized for each device. The opportunity is there to take the customer experience to the next level, and businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Device Detection tools that create a better understanding of how the visitor device influences behaviour and engagement."