The Role of Reputation in Mobile

Mobile has been disruptive to say the least. It's forcing every enterprise to rethink how they design products and their digital presence in general, how they market and promote their products, and how they interact with consumers. With more users clicking, swiping and tapping throughout the day, how does the shift impact the reputation of businesses and enterprises? To find out, Website Magazine posed a few questions to's Michael Zammuto on the importance of brand reputation in a more mobile world. 

MZ: It is a mistake for businesses to embrace anonymous, advertising supported review sites like Yelp! Review sites like these can encourage malicious and inaccurate reviews. Search engines look at the activity these reviews get in determining how highly to rank them in search results about your company. Negative reviews draw attention and clicks which increases advertising revenue for review sites. The first thing we tell clients is to never go to a review site again. Don't support them and don't try to manage them. You can't and when they turn against you there is very little you can do about it. Treat any site that you do not control that comes up in search results for your company name that you do not control as negative or potentially negative. You will note below that Yelp themselves have some problems with reviews