The State of Mobile Content Marketing [Infographic]

It's official. This was the year that mobile (smartphone and tablet) surpassed desktop in digital media time spent - accounting for 60 percent according to comScore.

As mobile users themselves, marketers certainly know this statistic to be true, but not all are effectively using this to their advantage in their professional roles. 

"With the mobile landscape so influential and content marketing proven to be the most effective way to reach consumers, we're right at the ideal intersection between the two-offering an untapped opportunity for marketers that's personalized and data driven," said Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi. "As the infographic presents (shown below), seven out of every eight minutes of mobile use is spent in app. If a brand is not leveraging its mobile potential through content marketing initiatives, they're missing a massive engagement opportunity."

For more insights into consumers' mobile usage, as well as opportunities in mobile content marketing, check out the infographic below.