The Mobile Market's Top Browsers, Screen Sizes & More from Q1 2015

DeviceAtlas has released some interesting data on the latest trends in the mobile market for Q1 2015, identifying the most popular devices used for Web browsing as well as the top mobile browsers.

With 81.5 percent market share, Android was the leading mobile operating system in 2014 in terms of shipments (followed by iOS capturing 14. 8 percent of the market), but despite this stronghold different versions of the iPhone are the most popular devices for Web browsing in nearly every corner of the planet. Even more specifically, iPhone 5 (both S and C versions) is currently the most popular model out of the three latest Apple phones.

To get a better understanding of how users are actually using devices for Web browsing, DeviceAtlas also released findings about the most popular Web browsers used on mobile devices. It found that the most popular mobile Web browsers are Safari, Android Browser, Chrome Mobile, IE Mobile, BlackBerry Mobile, Opera Mobile and UC Browser. In most cases, according to the report, mobile browser popularity reflects operating system's market share due to the fact that users are most likely to use standard browsers.

In the U.S., Safari is the most-used mobile Web browser, followed by Chrome. 

Finally, those responsible for the design and development of digital properties will want to know that 3.5 to 4-inch smartphones are the most popular in the U.S. and in many countries, although DeviceAtlas is noticing a change in favor of larger devices. This likely correlates with Apple's propensity toward making each iPhone released have a larger screen than the prior.

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