Tracking Multiple SubIDs for Mobile Marketing

Performance marketing company Neverblue just announced a new feature that provides mobile publishers and advertisers the ability to identify different traffic quality characteristics and adjust their digital strategies accordingly.

The new Multiple SubID tracking and support enables Neverblue clients to capture up to five traffic-specific parameters to track mobile information such as device, carrier, mobile site, or app. Advertisers are also able to identify traffic quality characteristics, providing publishers an opportunity to expand traffic in areas that match that of advertisers' interest.

"Running effective mobile marketing campaigns requires tracking and analyzing much more data than traditional internet campaigns," notes Gregg Stewart, vice president of new media platforms at Neverblue.

"Advertisers, media buyers and publishers who use our flexible multiple SubID tracking system can track the information elements that are the most important drivers of mobile campaign performance in conjunction with our mobile analytics tools to quickly and cost-effectively optimize their campaigns for volume and quality metrics."