Usablenet Shows APIs Are the Future of the Multichannel Experience

APIs are the future of multichannel experiences, according to Usablenet Chief Innovation Strategist Jason Taylor.

With that forward thinking in mind, the mobile and multichannel company announced its Usablenet API Service, which uses the technology platform's capabilities to convert any Internet content to RESTful-based API. Based on the company's Agile Web Services technology, Usablenet API Service enables businesses to become more agile in creating native apps and expanding to other multichannel projects.

"Every business must create multichannel experiences for their customers," said Carin Van Vuuren, CMO of Usablenet. "It is a necessity. But to be effective, companies need to have the appropriate technology resources to create these experiences -- whether via native app, mobile Web, tablet, or other. 

"API Service makes it possible to quickly develop the services from Web-enabled functionality and use it to create services that can power apps or other multichannel experiences. We give clients more agility so they can build what they need to engage with their customers."

According to Taylor, Usablenet API Service is designed to make it very easy for businesses to produce Web services that are optimized for external audiences, alleviating a significant burden on IT and freeing marketing from constraints that prevent them from creating a differentiated customer experience.

"We provide a much needed service in an area that is complex and resource-intensive for companies to develop," said Van Vuuren. "We are able to provide API Services with limited impact on client resources, saving time and giving them speed-to-market. The Usablenet API Service also makes it possible for clients to leverage expensive investments they have already made in building key functionality, like checkout, and create a Web service from this capability to power apps and other multichannel experiences."

In addition to releasing its API Service, Usablenet also announced U-Campaign, a new element of its U-Experience Platform that, according to the company, allows marketers to plan, execute and easily manage mobile landing pages and campaign sites in real-time. 

This offering is in direct response to the rise of responsive design as a development trend. U-Campaign provides the ability for marketers to create channel-specific campaigns within responsively designed websites for the first time.