WHOIS iPhone App from Network Solutions

Domain registration service Network Solutions just released a free WHOIS iPhone app which lets users of the mobile device to query the WHOIS database search tool to find information on the domain or IP including the WHOIS business listing information.

While I'm not an iPhone user it seems like it would be a very practical application for designers, developers and domainers on the go. The app is available now within the iTunes store.

"Network Solutions has been working with the WHOIS database since its inception," said Kamalesh Dwivedi, Network Solutions CIO. "The addition of this mobile capability follows the release of the WHOIS lookup mobile application for Google's Android operating system earlier this year. Extending this capability to the iPhone platform will benefit users in a major way."

"As more and more people begin connecting to the Web via mobile devices, applications like these will be tools needed by any small business owner with a Web presence. The WHOIS application validates domain and contact information and allows users to determine if desired domains are available for purchase. If other business information is listed by the domain holder, this WHOIS business listing will appear as well," Dwivedi added.