YouTube Now Offering Mobile Ads

A lot of people access YouTube and watch videos on their smartphones and tablet devices, and that number increases everyday.

In fact, according to the Google-owned video streaming site, 20 percent of all of its global traffic comes from mobile devices, a number that has tripled since 2011. However, content creators have never been able to make any money off of that traffic, which can quickly add up to mean huge missed revenue opportunities.

Today, the site announced (via Twitter, believe it or not) that it was finally going to start offering ads in videos that are viewed from mobile devices. Advertisements will be viewed as TrueView ads, which means that viewers can skip them after five seconds; these ad types are very successful on YouTube's main website.

This move indicates that YouTube has been able to fix problems with its mobile API, and it now presents the opportunity for content creators to considerably increase the revenue they can receive from their videos.