5 Analytics Solutions for Social Media Pros

Contrary to popular belief, being a social media professional isn't all about tweets and memes.

After all, a successful social campaign shouldn't be evaluated on followers, likes and shares. Instead, it needs to be measured on how effective it is at attracting consumers to your brand and guiding them through the sales funnel. Connecting a tweet to a subscription or sale may seem like an impossible task, but there are many tools available on the 'Net to help with just that. Discover five of these solutions below:


Social Network Support: Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, Klout, LinkedIn

Notable Feature: Klout and Bitly Tracking

Summary: Simply Measured provides social media analytics and measurement capabilities for a variety of social networks, and continues to add social networks as the market expands. The platform offers 35 presentation-ready reports for everything from sentiment and trend analysis to landing page comparison and website influencer data. All plans include Google Analytics integration, in-depth Excel reports with charts, graphs and data tabs, Klout and Bitly tracking, scheduled reports, unlimited user accounts and additional monitoring features.


Social Network Support: Pinterest, Instagram

Notable Feature: Pin-to-Purchase Tracking

Summary: The Curalate platform applies image analytics to social media conversations in order to give brands insights into their Instagram and Pinterest campaigns. The platform offers information about a user's most popular pins and boards, provides top product data and conducts image-based traffic analysis that reveals a brand's ROI from Pinterest. According to Curalate, the company "reads" its client's images by using an image analysis technology that examines every pixel of images that fans are sharing. This identifies a brand's most engaging content. In addition, the platform offers visual competitive analysis so that brands can monitor the types of images that resonate with a competitor's audience.


Social Network Support: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Notable Feature: Response-Time Monitoring

Summary: Socialbaker's Analytics Pro platform helps users measure, compare and maximize the performance of their social media campaigns. The platform provides important KPI data, including fan growth, engagement rates, key influencers, social interactions, competitive analysis, industry benchmarks and response times. In fact, the platform can even break down the variations of engagement rates by days, times, weeks and content types. Plus, in addition to robust competitive analysis features, Analytics Pro measures response rates on both posts and questions, which provides insights into the efficiency of a brand's customer service via social.


Social Network Support: Twitter 

Notable Feature: Full-Funnel Tracking

Summary: Until recently, Awe.sm was mostly leveraged by developers to power social features, internal business intelligence and analytics for their own clients. However, the company recently launched a new dashboard, dubbed awe.sm for marketers, which enables users to track the full funnel for each Twitter post, including reach, engagement, traffic and conversions. In addition, users have the ability to track KPIs like clicks, page views, purchases and revenue, monitor success benchmarks based on previous history and identify influential audience members.

Union Metrics

Social Network Support: Twitter, Tumblr

Notable Feature: Tumblr specific data

Summary: Union Metric's TweetReach platform allows social professionals to search for insights on keywords, usernames, phrases and URLs. Once a topic is searched for, TweetReach produces a report that displays relevant data like audience reach, engagement rates and top contributors. Plus, with TweetReach Pro, users have the ability to monitor and archive tweets, obtain deeper insights, export data and more. That said, the company also offers Union Metrics for Tumblr, which enables brands to gain performance insights on the popular social blog site. Union Metrics for Tumblr enables allows to monitor interaction and influencer metrics, as well as competitor blog and keyword tracking. Plus, the platform's newest upgrades lets users track followers of their blogs and integrate their account with Google Analytics.