4+ Ways to Engage with Twitter's Vine Videos

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 25 Jan, 2013

Social networks can sometimes feel like a jungle, so Twitter decided to add a vine to the mix (not literally, of course).


Vine is Twitter's new mobile service that allows users to capture and share short, six seconds or less, looping videos. According to a blog post from the social network, the briefness of Vine videos is meant to inspire creativity, just like Tweets. Moreover, the videos capture sound in addition to motion. Currently Vine is available for free in iTunes for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, but it is important to note that Twitter is working to make it available on other platforms soon.


The best part about Vine is that it opens up a completely new way for brands to connect with their customers on Twitter. In fact, some companies have already started using the application to engage with followers, including Urban Outfitters, NBC News and Red Vines. In a smart move, Red Vines even turned its Vine media post into a promoted post, so that a larger audience will have a chance to engage with the content. However, creating a six-second video that engages audiences can be more difficult than it seems, which is why Website Magazine has put together a list of strategies brands can implement when leveraging Vine to interact with their followers. Check out the examples below:


(Tip: Click on the video to pause/start it)


Preview Content

One of the most practical uses of the new Vine app is to provide a (very) brief preview of a longer piece of video content that you want users to watch, much like the Birmingham City Football Club does below. Of course, you'll also want to include a link to the full video if one is available.



Take Users Behind-the-Scenes

Many brands, including BuzzFeed and NBC News, have been using Vine to take their followers behind the scenes of their businesses and offices. This helps consumers feel more connected with your brand, but can also be entertaining.





Social media is one of the most powerful branding tools available to marketers, and companies like Red Vines, as aforementioned, have already found interesting ways to push their brand using Twitter's new app.



Good Clean Fun

You can increase engagement and score a few extra retweets by simply posting fun - or funny - videos that will capture the attention of Twitter users. Just look at these entertaining videos that Urban Outfitters and The Daily Beast have posted.




And More

The Vine application is still hot-off-the-presses, so all of the innovative ways that it can be used as a Twitter marketing tools haven't even been thought of yet, let alone explored. But as of right now, its usefulness only seems limited by a marketer's imagination. For instance, Vine can help companies show off new products, improve customer support by answering questions or providing tutorials and can even be used to share (retweet) consumer-generated content about a product or business. And that's just the beginning!