5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Twitter Bio

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 25 May, 2016

Business owners should step up their social strategies this summer.


Summer is a good time to refocus on social because it's typically the last lull before the hectic holiday season. What's more, the warm temperatures and frequent BBQs give consumers more time to relax and check their social feeds.


One of the first places to start when revamping a brand's social presence is with the profile page. While it is important to make sure the aesthetic of the profile (cover photo and logo) looks good, it is just as important to optimize the bio section - especially on Twitter. This is because the bio section is featured in the News Feed when a consumer hovers over a brand name or mention. Many consumers use this feature for help making their decision whether to follow a brand's handle.


Make sure your brand's bio is optimized to attract followers by checking out the five ways to spruce this section up below:


1. Be Descriptive

Unless your brand is a household name, it is best to describe - in basic terms - exactly what your brand does and why someone should follow it on Twitter. Avery Brewing Co., for instance, uses a clear description that will definitely entice any craft beer lover to hit follow.



2. Fill Out All Fields

The bio section isn't the only thing that should be filled out on a brand's profile page, as it is equally important to include location and website information. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar businesses like Bull & Bear. Instead of simply putting the city where its bar and grill is located, the business also includes its address to make it easier for customers to find directions.



3. Promote Other Social Accounts

In addition to including a website link in your bio section, it is a good idea to cross-promote other branded social accounts. Many brands, including NBC News, have been including their Snapchat name in the bio section of their Twitter profiles in order to grow their audience on this channel. NBC News, however, takes this strategy a step further by also including a link to its Facebook Page.



4. Encourage Interaction

Brands can encourage interaction with their brand, and promote user-generated content (UGC), by including branded hashtags in their bio section. American Eagle, for instance, asks followers to show off their style by using the #AEOSTYLE hashtag. What's more, the company lets followers know that posts with the hashtag could be featured on its blog and links to its terms of use.



5. Offer Contact Info

With more consumers turning to social media as a customer service channel, it is a good idea for brands to include contact information in their bio section. This can be done by adding the customer service phone number to this section (like Nordstrom does), or by including a link to a specific customer service handle and/or contact page - like H&M does in the example below.