7 Solutions to Make Your Website More Social

Social networking accounts for nearly 30 percent of the average person's daily Internet activities according to data from GlobalWebIndex.

While brands can take advantage of consumers' love for social by maintaining an active presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, they can also find other ways to capitalize on this pastime by incorporating social features into their own websites.

In fact, there are many technologies available that can help brands create more social websites, drive audience engagement and even shorten the path to conversion. Learn more about seven of these social solutions below:


With Curalate's Fanreel solution, brands can make their fans' social photos shoppable. The solution enables users to collect, moderate and display fan photos within their ecommerce website. What's more, Fanreel enables users to moderate photos before they are published, even enabling brands to link a specific product page to the image to drive conversions.


AddShoppers offers a variety of social features that brands can incorporate into their sites, including its Social Rewards feature. With this functionality, users can increase customer engagement by rewarding specific social actions. For example, brands can provide a coupon to consumers who share a product on their social networks. According to the company, this functionality can result in brands doubling the social sharing activity on their sites.


One way brands can better engage site visitors is by featuring polls on their websites. Pollcaster, for instance, enables users to set up and feature polls, like "Most Overrated Food," which visitors can vote on and share across their social media accounts. Not only does this functionality result in more engaged site visitors, but it also provides brands with visitor insights because it enables them to sort responses by region, age and gender.


Brands can increase their registration rates while also getting access to an abundance of rich data by including social login on their websites, which is a service that customer identity management company Janrain offers. With social login, website visitors can register and log in to a brand's website with their existing social identity from sites like Facebook, Google or Twitter. This functionality minimizes registration barriers and provides brands with access to their customers' social data, which is typically up-to-date and can be used for personalization initiatives.

Facebook Comments

Make your website more social with a plugin from the world's most popular social network - Facebook. The Comments Plugin can be leveraged to allow people to comment on a brand's website content from their existing Facebook account. Plus, commenters can choose to share their activity with their News Feed too, which increases the brand's visibility. It is important to note that the plugin also offers built-in moderation tools and social relevance ranking.


Popular customer review solutions provider PowerReviews offers a Social Answers solution that helps retailers increase conversions by providing site visitors with answers to frequently asked questions. In fact, the solution enables brands to display answers from a variety of sources, including internal subject matter experts, previous buyers and the company's on-demand answer community. The solution also dispalys who the answer is coming from, such as a verified buyer or customer care agent. Plus, when questions are answered by verified buyers it provides retailers with an element of authenticity, which can increase trust and conversions.


With BuddyPress, WordPress.org users can add social network features to their blogs, including user profiles, activity streams, user groups and more. By leveraging the technology, users can make their website more social and foster a sense of community with visitors.

These are far from the only solutions available that can help brands make their sites more social. What is your favorite social solution? Let us know in the Comment Section below.