A Social Relationship in Flux

Social media marketing today is the search engine marketing of the early 2000s - vital to success, technology-driven, fast-moving and for millions of businesses - totally and completely frustrating and confusing.

While the appeal of and interest in networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and the many others remain at peak levels, brands both large and small continue to struggle to generate consistent and meaningful results. These struggles are being exacerbated by the regular (daily) changes and shifts in focus of these platforms and how they reward or penalize those that are so desperate to raise awareness, deepen consumer engagement and drive revenue.

Like early search engine optimization efforts, social media marketers are looking for ways to optimize their efforts based on what they know about the networks' priorities and technology. Fortunately, with careful planning and a dedication to serving brand fans and followers useful experiences, social media marketing can still very much provide a positive return on the required investment of time and resources.

Now is the time, however, that digital businesses realize that their relationship with social media is in a perpetual state of flux. Perhaps they can now more greatly bond with their SEO counterparts who know the struggles.

In the meantime, in this month's feature in Website Magazine, Managing Editor Amberly Dressler provides a clear and concise plan for those enterprises looking to capitalize on the incredible consumer interest in social media and opportunities to position their brands for greater success in the future on these platforms despite the many changes occurring on the networks.

Social media is an important part of the digital marketing mix today, but it is far from the only channel or practice that should be of interest to 'Net professionals. The September issue of Website Magazine also provides useful articles on attribution modeling, common conversion rate optimization mistakes, media planning in digital advertising, winning the Amazon Buy Box for ecommerce success and a whole lot more.

As always, we encourage you to read through this issue in its entirety and then visit us on the Web where our editors and industry contributors publish content daily that matters to your online success.

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