AI System Monitors Competitors' Social Posts, Reach & More

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide marketers with insights and advice is becoming a sought-after feature within software systems and platforms - often learning from itself with only initial human intervention. While many technology companies were using AI in some capacity before, many are finding it helps to name it.

Branded content analysis and discover company Unmetric is the latest to release an AI-powered system, named "Xia." 

According to Unmetric, "Xia enables marketers to harness insights from a constantly growing database of branded social media content. Xia gets smarter with each new datapoint she ingests and analyzes, which currently exceeds 12 trillion interactions from more than a half billion posts published by more than 100,000 qualified brands."

Xia can help brands struggling with their content strategy or those looking for more engagement, conversions, reach or other needle-moving metrics from their efforts by monitoring what competitors are doing and what has worked well for themselves in the past.
Xia provides AI-driven insights in four main components of Unmetric Analyze:
1. Promoted Post Detection: Users can see which posts their competitors are putting money behind.
2. Reach & Impressions: Users can access estimates of any brand's Facebook reach and impressions data on both Post and Page level.
3. Campaign Intelligence: Unmetric's human analysts work with Xia to tag campaigns, so users can see how they performed and leverage what worked in the past to build future campaigns.
4. Alerts & Highlights:
Users can keep track of when competitors do something out of the ordinary.