Corporate Employees as Social Advocates (Not Just Trained Bots)

How do you get your employee's to internalize your brand and be your businesses strongest advocates? Give them the right tools, of course.

According to data collected from EveryoneSocial's employee advocacy publishing platform, company employees are 38 times more likely to share approved content when it is delivered to them via a social media sharing platform compared to using email alone.

The company compared the outcome of corporate social media that was shared by email - the standard email invitation to employees to share an article link within the email - to the information companies invited their employees to share through the EveryoneSocial sharing platform.

"Engaged employees want to tout their company through social media, but are hesitant to share because they fear they'll do something wrong and get themselves or the company into trouble." said Eric Roach, CEO and Co-founder of EveryoneSocial. "Our platform alleviates this fear because it allows social media managers to curate approved content for employees to share. The platform literally makes sharing quality, curated content as easy as pushing a button."

There are several features of EveryoneSocial that make the platform so potentially appealing to brand marketers. For example, the system pulls the relevant content from various third-party media outlets, ranking them on a variety of real-time factors, and offers social media managers access to metrics and analytics to under the ROI of social media employee advocacy. Administrators can even see the traffic that is generated to a company website, in addition to teh number of retweets, reshares, favorites, comments and more.

"Social media managers can syndicate quality, relevant outside content for employees to share and comment on," continued Roach. "This enables employees to be true thought leaders and brand advocates, not just trained bots sharing company-created content."