Digital Marketers and Twitter, A Love Story

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 19 Jul, 2014

140 characters is not a lot of virtual real estate.

However, Twitter has trasformed that limited amount of space into one of the most popular ways to share content on the Web.

PunchTab and Leadtail have released the results of a new report titled "How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter." The report details what digital marketers talk about, the different types of content they share and what apps and platforms they share from the most.

The report focused in on 515 North American digital marketers (manager level and above) who were all active on Twitter while the report was being completed. Throughout the duration of the report marketers sent out 122,027 tweets and shared 57,009 links to a combined total of 3,709,783 Twitter followers.

Key highlights include 85 percent of the studied marketers used Twitter's desktop website to share content, 64 percent shared content using their iPhone but only 16 percent shared content using Android devices. Another key finding was the most commonly used hashtags by maketers which included #Facebook, #socialmedia, #marketing and #BostonStrong.

Furthermore, the three most popular social networks that the digital marketers shared from, not including Twitter, were YouTube (56 percent), Instagram (48 percent) and Facebook (28 percent).

"The first step to understanding digital marketers is knowing what they talk about, read, and share on social media," said Carter Hostelley, CEO of Leadtail. "This data leads to insights about the topics, brands, and people they most engage with, which is extremely valuable for crafting campaigns targeted at such a highly influential group. Our study allows anyone to plot a marketing course to reach and engage digital marketers."

To see the complete results of the study click here.