Getting Personal with Facebook Fans

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 17 Oct, 2011


By now, most businesses understand the importance of implementing social media into a marketing strategy. However, according to research from PageLever, the average fan only visits a Facebook Brand Page less than once per month.


This leaves a lot of room for improvement for social media campaigns to maximize on consumer interaction. In attempt to provide a solution to this problem and generate conversions, ecommerce solution provider Barilliance is launching its Facebook Fan Page Personalization product. This solution enables online retailers to offer personalized product recommendations, coupons and other user-targeted messages for fans that visit Brand Pages.


Barilliance's solution uses advanced recommendation algorithms to provide discounts and coupons to fans that visit Brand Pages, as well as automatically updates daily and weekly deals on personally targeted products. Additionally, the solution provides fans with data-driven offers - such as a discount during a fan's birthday week, and displays contents of recently abandoned shopping carts for fans that have recently abandoned a shopping cart on a retailer's website.


This solution brings Barilliance's best practices to Facebook, and aims at helping retailers gain potentially lost or dormant sales opportunities. It is available as a stand alone product, or as part of Barilliance's suite of ecommerce personalization products.


"With Facebook's growing importance as a marketing channel for online retailers, Barilliance has created a solution for Facebook Fan Pages, in time for this holiday season, to increase traffic to and conversions for our clients' Fan Pages," says Ido Ariel, co-founder, Barilliance. "The Facebook Personalization product extends Barilliance's vision of 'Personalization Everywhere' and the reach of our suite of Personalization products to Facebook, one of the most popular websites ever."