More Apps Added to HootSuite App Directory

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 02 Feb, 2012

HootSuite has added to its ever growing list of apps within the HootSuite App Directory.

Users now have access to apps for Digg, Trendspottr and InboxQ. Here is a brief rundown of the apps:

Digg - This app enables users to view current top news stories, search for stories, Digg stories, as well as discover and share content from the Web through the dashboard.

Trendspottr - With this app, users can search for trending content by topic, keyword or phrase. Additionally, users can select from a list of popular searches, share trending stories and videos through the social networks that have been added on the HootSuite dashboard.

InboxQ - This app allows users to find questions on Twitter based on keyword and phrase searches, as well as fine tune search results and engage with those that ask questions.

"With over three million SME users and estimated six million by end of year, our goal is to provide a directory of applications that expand the functionality of the HootSuite platform," says HootSuite's CEO, Ryan Holmes. "Developers and partners will highly benefit from the functional and promotional exposure to our influential users with the apps they develop. Brands and businesses want to meet their audiences where they are, and that means engaging across multiple channels and networks; our partner programs and integrations in the HootSuite App Directory allow us to steadily launch new purpose-specific tools into the dashboard to satisfy these needs." 

Other HootSuite apps include Constant Contact, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, Tumblr and YouTube.