Social Log-in Tools from Janrain

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Sep, 2011

Social log-in and sharing tools are great solutions that can provide websites with increased registrations, conversions, higher social sharing rates and demographic metrics.


Janrain, a user management platform for the social web, is a provider of social log-in tools. Their Engage platform provides social login and sharing capabilities as well as user profile data, mobile support and social analytics to their clients.


Janrain partners with major social networks so that social network users can take their identities with them across the Internet, instead of creating a new identity at every site. 


Because of the social-log in capability, Janrain can analyze data about users, so that clients can tailor their email and mobile marketing to specific consumer demographics.


Companies that have worked with Janrain to provide users with the social sign in option have seen an increase in registrations, conversions and social sharing of content rates.


For example, GraphicMail, an email and mobile marketing service provider, has noticed increased conversions within the last eight months, which is when they implemented Janrain's hosted social login solution.


Aside from GraphicMail, websites such as, Kodak and NPR have used Janrain to increase user's online participation and registration rates.


"In today's marketplace, integrating social media into a multichannel marketing strategy is becoming an increasingly essential component of nurturing leads and driving conversions," says Nicholas Eckert, GraphicMail co-Founder. "Understanding that developing a trusted online relationship with every subscriber is a crucial step in building customer loyalty."


Janrain Engage is free for the basic package, with other pricing models varying from $10 a month to more than $2,250 a year.


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