Twitter Marketing Tip - How to Reach a Large Audience Quickly

Travis Bliffen
by Travis Bliffen 07 Oct, 2014

Are you a business owner who has decided that Twitter is a good marketing channel for reaching your ideal customer?


Twitter is in fact a very powerful marketing channel but only if you are spending your time and efforts correctly, something that not many new users get right at first.


As a new user of Twitter for business it is very easy to get caught up on vanity metrics instead of focusing on the KPIs that are actually going to send leads and customers to your business. Building a large following on Twitter can be very beneficial but only if you do it correctly.



If you browse through a few Twitter accounts, you may find profiles that have tens or hundreds or thousands of "followers" but few if any of the followers that engage with the user. 


Chances are these accounts got so many followers by following back every follower or through the use of software programs that follow random users every day with the hope of them following you back.

As a business owner, your time is limited and making the most of every second you spend working is what will keep the doors of your business open and help your business grow, your use of social media time is no exception.


Instead of randomly following a ton of users, look for people who influence or reach your ideal customers already and spend your time reaching them. Curating and creating content that appeals to an influencer in your niche is a good way to get their attention. 


Once you have it and they re-tweet or mention you to their audience, you have exposure to a very large and targeted group, many of who will follow you because of the mention. Repeat the process and you can amass a ton of targeted and active followers of your account.


Whether you have just set up your Twitter account or you are trying to figure out why it is not becoming a leading traffic source for your business, the above information can help you reach the right audience quickly and effectively.


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