Twitter Perks Done Right

By now, every website owner has heard every argument as to why Twitter is a necessary part of your online strategy. Using Twitter can certainly drive traffic, but perhaps its greatest potential is to build a loyal following, expand your audience and encourage consumers to convert.

One such way to reach these goals is by offering perks to new Twitter followers. Eli's Cheesecake, a Chicago legacy, has a long history but is clearly wise to the times. I recently decided to follow them on Twitter, and then received a direct message in return.

The offer works on several levels:

  • It's targeted - sent as a direct message to someone with a clear interest in their product.
  • It's defined. The offer's terms are clearly stated.
  • The call-to-action is focused. The coupon is intended for use on - driving traffic to the website and opening up a channel for conversions.
  • It's limited. The coupon is only good for a set amount of time, so the user is urged to take immediate action.
  • It's trackable. The coupon code (hidden) means that Eli's can track every conversion from this coupon to optimize future campaigns.

Twitter is a good way to extend your business presence online and drive some traffic to your website. But as Eli's shows here, it can also be a powerful way to encourage brand loyalty and generate revenue.