Under-the-Radar Mobile and Social Tech

Website Magazine recently asked 'Net professionals what technology their Web-based business cannot operate without.


From analytics to virtual assistants, the answers were as diverse as they were interesting. Over the next few days, we'll release their answers by categories: social and mobile technology (found below), design and development and other solutions to your online company. First up, let's take a look at the technology businesses are using to communicate with their current and prospective customers via mobile and social - and, as you can see, the tech has gone under the radar by many Web professionals.


A Marketing Assistant that Can Post an Instagram Ad for You


"Skeptical at first, but now an essential part of my day-to-day management is KitCRM from Shopify.


KitCRM makes managing the day-to-day marketing, reporting and customer communications as easy as an SMS message. A simple text greeting to start the day and you can get Kit creating promotions, updating customers and providing reports on goals. Like a marketing assistant that doesn't take coffee breaks, a small business owner's marketing assistant."


+ William Flaiz, Owner of Budget Medical Supplies


Software to Acquire, Engage, Educate and Help App Users


"I am co founder of GreenPal which has been described as Uber for lawn care. One tool that we can not live without is Intercom.io. This software incorporates customer acquisition, marketing automation, customer feedback, customer support, and more importantly, chat.


It allows us to live chat in our onboarding process, and get real-time customer feedback. With these practices in place, we have seen over a 40 percent uplift in conversion after implementation. 


It's a great all-in-one tool that allows us to be more efficient and pragmatic in our future product decisions."


+ Gene Caballero, Co-Founder of GreenPal


"Intercom is a must-have for Web-based companies, especially software as a service. We use it at Survicate to communicate with users in real-time. Plus, we track their activity - what kinds of surveys they use, whether they integrate Survicate with CRMs or marketing automation tools, etc. It's invaluable for product development."


+ Lucjan Kierczak, Marketing Manager at Survicate


"An essential piece a website tech most people do not know about is Intercom. Like every other startup we have Google analytics integrated throughout our app however we get much more value out of intercom.io.


Intercom is the only tool of this kind that enables companies to combine qualitative data and quantitative data. We live and die by it because it allows us to combine the data of what people are doing inside of our app along with talking to them while they are doing it. This allows us to move quickly off of user feedback and develop heuristics around user behavior while slowly validating the assumptions with actual quantitative data.


You can stare at it all day long instead of Google analytics but you can't ask your users why they are doing what they're doing when they do it."


+ Bryan Clayton CEO of GreenPal