Digital Privacy Matters: Janrain Gets Ahead of the GDPR

Customer identify and access management solution Janrain has announced a new offering that will provide customers with greater control and management of their personal data in advance of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements become active.

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The new Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management offering is intended to help brands adhere to GDPR guidelines through "progressive, context-based consent collection."

In addition to providing end-user preferences for data collection and management, the solution provides customers of Janrain's clients the option to go back to their consent declarations at any time for review, validation, revocation or other changes, and to download a PDF that documents exactly how their data is being managed.

"With less than a year to go, global organizations are under tremendous pressure to get their user data and processes ready for GDPR," said Mayur Upadhyaya, Senior Director of Product at Janrain.

"Collecting explicit consent from customers for the purposes of data collection is an especially challenging requirement that our new Consent Lifecycle Management is specifically designed to address. While no technology is a silver bullet to the GDPR, Janrain is committed to supporting and assisting our customers in meeting relevant Articles with minimal operational disruption."