Redefining Content Intelligence

Adobe is slated to release several updates in the coming weeks for its Experience Manager solution (an enterprise-level content management system) that will enable marketers to simplify the process of content personalization.

The solution's new "intelligent" content capabilities, which make use of Adobe Sensei (the compnay's artificial intelligence and machine learning framework), make it possible to discover images and customize them for different screens, personalize layouts and messaging for individuals, and adapt forms for a better experience.

Let's take a closer look at each of these updates:

+ Marketers will soon be able to discover relevant images by using the Smart Tags feature, which uses an algorithm to automatically add metadata (e.g. keywords) that can be trained to recognize company image attributes and add relevant tag values.

+ Perhaps the most notable of the updates are the personalization capabilities which will allow marketers to deliver content that adapts to individuals' behavior and channels. Using Adobe Sensei, the Smart Layout feature generates the most appropriate layout and assets and matches them individual customers' preferences.

+ The Smart Imaging feature detects the type of device and available bandwidth and minimizes the file size of images accordingly. Additionally, Smart Crop uses Adobe Sensei to detect and crop to the focal point of an image.

+ The Automated Forms Conversion feature enables organizations to automatically identify and change input fields from traditional PDFs to make them mobile-friendly.

Adobe also announced a new integration between Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. Users will be able to find Experience Manager Assets content natively from Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC via search.

Another interesting integration announced by Adobe is between its Experience Manager and Dimension CC offerings which will allow marketers to leverage 3-D content designed in Creative Cloud and turn it into marketing assets automatically.