Finding A Better Paywall Solution for Digital Publishers

With banner blindness at crisis levels, publishers are looking at any tactic that will enable them to stay out of the red and in the black. 

PostUp, a digital and email marketing solution provider, recently announced the launch of their new "Dynamic Content Wall" solution, which allows publishers to implement pay and registration walls to drive revenue and capture audience data.

While implementing pay and registration walls has long been a way for publishers such as The Boston Globe and The New Yorker to successfully acquire new readers and more subscribers, does it " scale down" to smaller publications? 

"We understand many publishers are feeling revenue pressure due to industry trends such as declining programmatic revenue, ad blocking, and distributed content platforms intermediating the audience relationship," said Tony D'Anna, CEO of PostUp. 

"PostUp is laser focused on helping publishers diversify their revenue streams as well as grow and monetize their direct audience. Our email products, such as our Audience Development Solution, have been pivotal in helping publishers establish and grow direct relationships with their audiences. We are thrilled to offer Dynamic Content Wall, which gives publishers a near-turn-key solution that retains all the benefits of their existing ad driven business model while allowing low risk experimentation and optimization of a parallel subscription revenue model."