Ad Network Offering Up Access to FBX

It was only a matter of time for advertising networks, most recently real-time bidding platform AcuityAds, to begin giving their clients access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX). There's simply too much to lose for everyone involved not to integrate with the social network. 

FBX allows marketers to purchase Facebook advertising on an individual impression basis through RTB (real-time bidding), and Acuity's technology will enable marketers to achieve greater audience reach at scale through the platform.

"We see direct integration with FBX as a big step for our company, as we are now joining an exclusive group of online advertising technologies. One of our primary goals is to provide our clients with the absolute best performance possible across all available digital marketing channels and this connection to FBX goes a long way to help us do that," said Tal Hayek, CEO and Founder, AcuityAds Inc.

AcuityAds, based on industry research and its own financial data, estimate they currently account for one-third of all Canadian real-time bidding online ad spend. The company current powers the programmatic campaigns of many Fortune 500 companies including McDonalds, GM, Energizer, National Geographic and others.