AdSense Features to Be Thankful For

Adsense began rolling out its new interface to all publishers last week and, in short, it is something that deserves affiliates' collection thanks.

What should we be thankful for in the new Adsense interface? Namely that Google is offering up loads of actional performance data and providing more control over the ads that appear on your websites. 

- Thankful for the Data: Publishers can now run performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other time metrics. 

- Thankful for Graphical Reports: Adsense has been a reporting nightmare, but with new graphical report formats, impressions, clicks and earnings are available in one easy to understand graph. 

- Thankful for Better Controls: The retooled ad review center and all of the ad control are place in one location. Plus, publishers can search for ads in the review center by ad type, keyword, URL or ad network and choose to allow or block them.