Are QR Codes Worth It for Consumers?

The growing ubiquity of QR codes may make them appear to be a no-brainer when it comes to new advertising models to consider, but a new chart from (the aptly named) Marketing Charts shows us that to most consumers, QR codes are more confusing than anything.

According to a survey conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, over half (57 percent) of consumers did nothing with the information they got after scanning a QR code. By comparison, 21 percent of scanners went on to share the information, while just 18 percent actually made a purchase. (7 percent said they did "Other" with the information, whatever that means.)

In addition, the survey shows that less than half (41 percent) of respondents thought that the information they received after scanning a code was useful, while 42 percent had "mixed feelings" about it. Almost one-fifth (18 percent) said the information wasn't useful at all.

On the upside, a big majority (70 percent) thought that the codes were easy to there's that.

It looks like marketers are going to have to work on finding worthwhile, actionable content to link these QR codes to, otherwise they may find that, over time, consumers won't have any desire to even bother scanning them.