Google Consumer Surveys Arrive, Publishers Rejoice-ish

Google has a new program available for website owners looking to generate some additional revenue from their content. 

The Google Consumer Surveys program will pay publishers for completed surveys, used most often as paywall alternatives. Publishers stand to earn $0.05 for each question completed in the surveys, and can control how much of their content is made available, as well as where and how often the survey prompts appear overlayed on their sites. 

The program is open only to U.S. publishers at the moment, but will be made available in the UK and Canada (and additional countries) in the coming months. In order to participate, publishers need to have an AdSense account (and one in good standing) and meet a minimum 10 percent survey completion rate in order to stay in the program.

Google launched the Consumer Surveys platform with select publishers in 2012 and says it is currently used by hundreds of sites.