Managed Mobile Ad Campaigns from DudaMobile

There is more to the mobile trend than design alone and the resulting "experience" so often discussed. You'll still need users (consumers of your mobile site or app) to find you.

DIY mobile web solution DudaMobile apparently got the message, as last week it introduced a managed mobile search advertising solution. With nearly 60 percent of smartphone users seeking out local businesses or services each week and 70 percent taking action that same day, it's hard to deny there's a rather substantial opportunity at play.

DudaMobile's solution essentially provides its clients an opportunity to advertise on local/mobile search results with keywords that target customers on search engines such as Google or Bing when they look for products or services near them. What is unique however is that these campaigns are actually managed by a DudaMobile advertising "expert" which oversees all aspects of the business's mobile ad campaign - from set-up to keyword selection to ongoing optimization. Pricing for DudaMobile's managed mobile ad service starts at $199 per month.

"We always hear two things from our customers. They love that our mobile site builder is easy to use, and they want to know how they can get more business with their mobile website," Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO of DudaMobile said. "Now we have a solution for the small, local businesses that want to take advantage of mobile traffic and drive more sales."