Native Ad Opportunities for Video Expanding

Native advertising offerings and opportunities are expanding at a time when marketers plan to grow native programs as part of their broader media strategy. 

Recent research from eMarketer, for example, found that 90 percent of U.S. marketers and agencies have adopted or are beginning to adopt native advertising. eMarketers also projected that U.S. video ad spend could reach $14.77 billion by 2019.

The Trade Desk announced an expansion of its native advertising offering to include video and additional display inventory.

Integrations with Sharethrough and TripleLift will enable TheTrade Desk customers to add native video to their digital media plans, executing and optimizing display, audio, video, mobile, and TV through one unified programmatic platform. The Trade Desk is also offering new integrations with Ligatus to offer a more robust selection of native display inventory at a global scale.

Unlike traditional pre-roll ads, native video is an ideal medium to show longer videos, empowering brands with a tool for more amplified storytelling. Now through The Trade Desk platform, the duration of a native video ad can extend up to five minutes. The native video integration also provides a title, description, and location for the video alongside relevant messaging in a consumer's content feed.