Hot and Cool Advertiser Tools

HOT & COOL Advertiser Tools

If you are like most Internet advertising managers you are constantly searching for ways to expand the effectiveness of each promotional dollar you spend. With thousands of e-books, resources and tools for 'Net advertisers available online, Website Services Magazine has cut through the clutter and listed several product and service offerings that will lessen your campaign's time to market, boost your overall branding and online visibility as well as save you a few dollars in the long run, which is something that anyone who is subject to an advertising audit would certainly favor.

Advertising Fulfillment:
Online advertising through pay-per-click search engines such as Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing is an effective way to promote your company online and drive website traffic. If your website is unavailable to visitors however, you will not generate the registrations or sales that you need to remain in business. is an online service which monitors the availability of your website and pauses, then restarts, your pay per click campaign if downtime occurs. Tied to the website monitoring service, members receive immediate notification of downtime and campaign pausing/restarting via email, phone or SMS messaging.

Promoting Breaking Content: Reprise Media FeedCast
The time, labor and expertise required to develop a search marketing campaign make it difficult (if not impossible) to promote breaking content through search engine marketing. Reprise Media FeedCast is a patent-pending product that automates the construction and implementation of a campaign across search and other auction-based platforms, dramatically reducing the time to market from days to hours. FeedCast addresses the greatest need of content providers: promoting breaking content while it is still new. What once required several days can now be done in a matter of hours. For more information and a demonstration visit

Advertising Research:
Wishing you could log in to your competitors account at Google Adwords and see on what keywords they were bidding? Now you can with from VelocityScape, which enables you to conduct Adwords competitor research for free. Currently processing over 5.6 million search results, allows users to browse by company name or by keyword to see on what and how the pay-per-click universe is bidding. Not only can you see the keywords that your competition is using to promote individual products or services but also the titles and descriptions they use for each listing. Arguably, is one of the premier competitive research tools online.

Advertising Management:
AdWatcher is a full-service ad tracking and click fraud monitoring tool helping online advertisers manage their advertisements. can monitor any form of an online ad, ranging from those on Pay-Per-Click search engines such as Google or Yahoo to banners, email ads, text links, etc., to show exactly what works and what wastes an advertiser's budget. Click fraud monitoring analyzes incoming traffic for suspicious patterns, alerts the advertiser of potential fraud, monitors for click spikes and displays warning messages to repeat fraud offenders. Advertisers may run the software on their servers or allow AdWatcher to host and to maintain the entire process. The cost to use Adwatcher starts at $19.95/month with a free, no-risk, 30-day trial.

Online Advertising Models: has revolutionized the way people search for real-time branded information. Search&Display, a patent-pending innovation, combines the power of search, the impact of branding and the relevancy of content. It provides one-on-one interaction in an online ad unit. Web users can search for selected content within the advertiser's database and have relevant information retrieved in real time, without leaving the page where the ad resides. Search&Display is expected to create an increase in qualified click-through and conversions and significantly boosting the time users spend interacting with an ad unit.

Many thanks to Boris Mordkovich, author of Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook, Anthony Iaffaldano of Reprise Media and Janelle Donn of Inoventiv for their contributions.