Real-Time Bidding: Q&A with Integrate's Jeremy Bloom

Real-time bidding is complex, but those in the digital advertising realm should understand its intricacies because industry experts predict a steady increase in RTB ad spend.  

"The model is the new foundation for purchasing remnant display, and it's likely to remain that way," said Integrate Co-Founder Jeremy Boom. "As budget continues to shift to digital, I expect we'll see growth in RTB accordingly." 

To help us understand this niche, Bloom answers a few RTB-focused questions. 

What type of client do you suggest real-time bidding for? 

The efficiency of RTB is effective for any brand client seeking the maximum GRP for their budget. Additionally, it's essential for any advertiser utilizing any form of audience segment marketing, whether it's retargeting, behavioral or demographic segments. There is no greater way to reach your audience in a finely moderated online environment. 

What reporting tools are essential for companies using real-time bidding? 

Reporting tools must be as close to live as possible and provide deep granularity. Delays in reporting can take several hours to bring campaign problems to light, causing advertisers to burn budget. Success with display advertising depends on the ability to constantly test and adjust campaigns. We need to see the publisher, URL, segment, placement, size, time of day, frequency, etc. to find which half of any campaign is missing the mark and optimize the half that is performing well. 

Integrate's new Real-Time Display reporting suite addresses both of these needs. The GUI is far more engaging than any other system that I'm aware of. The graphical representation of the data combined with the tabular data and the methods to manipulate it are all very user friendly and intuitive. As for granularity, A/B testers will definitely be pleased with our offerings in conjunction with the targeting available. 

What type of real-type bidding services does Integrate provide? 

Integrate is very close to launching our Real-Time Display product - the newest addition to our platform. The interface gives clients the ability to directly purchase display inventory from their existing Integrate accounts. The backbone of the system is a second-price auction Real-Time Bidder that supports a variety of pricing models that clients can use to fully capture the reach and efficiency available through RTB in the display space. As we continue development, we'll extend to other areas of Real-Time Digital such as SEM, Social and Video.

Anything else you'd like to add? 

We're very excited about this space and look forward to becoming a larger part of it. I think we'll see a lot of advancements this year, and we hope to spearhead several of them ourselves - particularly in the area of cleaning up non-human clicks/traffic and unseen impressions.

About Jeremy Bloom

Jeremy Bloom co-founded Integrate in 2010. Since then, he has helped grow the company from its roots in lead generation to a leader in advertising technology. As the market-facing co-founder of Integrate, oversees the sales and business development efforts at the company.