StatsJunky for PPC Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate pay-per-click marketers are some of the hardest working Web professionals on the 'Net. That's why when you come across a tool that might just aid that group in terms of lowering the time they spend managing campaigns and earnings, it's good to give it a little nod of approval.

The problem with the overall existing model is that it requires marketers to log into individual networks, export Excel spreadsheets and merge them into one larger document just to get a partial sense of how campaigns are performing. The problem (clearly) is that once you identify poorly performing campaigns, you've already wasted quite a bit of time and effort as that process isn't nearly in real time. Enter a better way.

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StatsJunky is a handy desktop application that tracks affiliate and PPC stats. A few of the noteworthy features of the software include reports on keyword level profit and loss, the ability to integrate with major PPC networks and hundreds of affiliate networks and provides custom income and expense statistics tracking. If that weren't enough, with SJ Mobile, users can view statistics from any Web-enabled phone.

There is a free seven day trial (and daily training Webinars) of the service and you should consider taking them up on that considering the price for all this convenience - for a six month license (with three bonus months) - is currently offered at $414. That will save you 40% but if you're really sold after the initial seven day trial you could save up to 60% - one time payment of $708 will get you a one-year license (plus six bonus months). This is really a drop in the bucket.

There is an alternative to StatsJunky. AffMeter, a service covered by Website Magazine back in October of 2008, provides much of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost (14.95/mo.).