Study Reveals What Women Want From Online Ads

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 19 Apr, 2010

A new study devoted to women's online consumer behaviors has indicated a shift in attitude from apprehensive to enthusiastic-even eager-when it comes to Internet ads. Tailored ads from the brands they trust are what most of the nearly two thousand respondents said they wished they saw more of.

Digital strategies provider Q Interactive enlisted its Women's Channel, a pioneer in creating an online dialogue between leading brands and ideal women customers, to conduct the survey that included more than 1,800 women - 82 percent of them mothers. Among other things, the findings clearly revealed that most women today - although once cautious about ads they saw online - expect and even want ads directed at them to help find the best items and deals in the midst of their busy routines. The study's highlights include:

-    88 percent of the women polled said they wished that brands they trusted would send them more tailored offers.
-    Over 65 percent of the women first think, "Cool! How did they know I wanted this?" when receiving an online advertisement perfectly targeted to them.
-    58 percent said brands need to "Give me something" in order to build an online relationship.
-    Over 53 percent believe they have relationships with sites and brands they often use online.
-    Over 37 percent consider the brands they encounter online to be "Good Partners" (send relevant ads that women need and use).
-    The five brands women specifically named as having the best online relationships were Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Betty Crocker and General Mills.